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May sessions:
5th May
Please note our sessions are now 1.00 pound per session due to our rent rising however more exciting stuff is coming....

Parents please note we are currently only able to have 25 children per session. See "Important info for Parents page." At present we will be operating a first come first served basis. This is due to safety reasons based on staff to young people ratios. Thank you for your support


T&C's and important info for parents

SYC Membership and Session T&C's

A voluntary organisation

At present we are a small band of volunteers and we all have crazily busy lives. Our service and opening times are subject to change unfortunately sometimes last minute. My advice would be to regularly check our Facebook, Twitter and website pages just before your child comes to a session. If a session has to be cancelled I will post it online on Facebook, Twitter and our website news section. We unfortunately don’t have time to ring you all up I am afraid. 

Also I would like to stress you keep your contact details with us up to date especially telephone numbers. This is very important if your child has an accident while on one of our sessions.

Club openings

The club will be open on select Thursday evenings from 7.00pm till 9.00pm for young people aged 10- 16 years. Sometimes we may change the day depending on the library availability and of course we will give you advance warning of this. The venue is at the Southwell library, Kings Street (previously the Core young people’s centre) in Southwell. Please Note our maximum capacity at the moment is strictly 25 young people per session.  To provide a safe service we have to inforce this as we simply don't have enough volunteer staff at present to manage any more. Of course we hope to expand in the future however at present we have to stress that our top priority as always is to provide a safe service. At present we are operating on a first come first serve basis. Again we are working to find a better solution as this is not ideal.


At present each session will be charged at £1.00, payable on entry however this may vary if we put on a special event, rent rises etc. Of course we shall let you know if we are rising the entry fee. I would also like to note we are a not for profit organisation and all money raised goes back into SYC.

Open Access Sessions

The Southwell Youth club is an open access club, where young people can choose to come and go throughout the evening as they please. We cannot insist that your son/daughter remains at the club for the whole session if they do not choose to. Of course if they leave the session and you have stated to us that you will pick them up, then of course we shall contact you when they leave. We will obviously do our best to keep them in the club if this is your request.

Personal Belongings

Please note SYC will not accept any responsibility for broken or damaged personal belongings during one of our sessions. Young people who bring items such as phones, ipods, etc will have to be responsible for them.

Feedback and Volunteers

We are also on the hunt for more volunteers. We are a very fun crazy bunch. Please email me if you know of someone who would like to join our team. Of course to make ourselves better we are always open to feedback whether it’s good or bad. Again I would like to reassure you that we have thorough safety procedures in place and enforced. All our volunteers are DBS checked and there is always a qualified first aider on each one of our sessions.   

If you have any queries regarding this information, or you would like to discuss anything further with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please see our statement of aims for the club.

We want to wish every young person the warmest of welcomes!

The Southwell Youth Club Management Committee

Facebook: Southwell Youth Club

Twitter @southwellyc


The Aims of the Southwell Youth club


The Southwell Youth Club aims to provide:

  • A friendly and welcoming venue where young people can come a long, meet their friends and make new ones.

  • Opportunities for the young people to get involved in a range of different activities which can help them develop as young adults.

  • Activities which can challenge the young person’s thinking and motivate them to get involved.

  • Opportunities to work as a team or in small groups to help develop their social and communication skills.

  • Activities in which the young people can take a lead part in the planning, helping them feel valued and involved. Tasks where the young people feel they can contribute to the community and feel pride in getting involved

  • We strive to encourage and welcome the thoughts and opinions of the young people and would greatly value their contributions in helping to develop Southwell Youth Club into a club they can make their own.

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Southwell Youth Club // The Southwell Library, King Street Southwell, NG250EH